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  • to pass equity from their passionate audiences to our clients.


We coordinate influencer based programs in order to create tastefully-branded assets that pass equity from their passionate audiences to our clients. Today’s competitive and engaging digital world allows us to identify and reach online influencers with audiences that portray your target audience. We are able to create a long-lasting and loyal relationship between your brand and the final customer through influencer strategies and well thought-out planning.

influencer targeting & measuring

It is imperative to select the influencers whose vison aligns with your brand’s. The Mark Ettinger team targets online personalities with a great following on multiple platforms to ensure the achievement of our clients’ goals and then take it a step forward.
In order to target the right influencers, we go through an extensive research and evaluation process. We primarily take into consideration A-list influencers, but we do not neglect macro or micro influencers as they have proven to be very effective.
We pay close attention to KPIs such as the engagement rate, impressions and mentions across all platforms that we use for our influencer campaigns. The earned media value is of high importance as it increases brand awareness and drives sales alike.

scalable micro-influencers reach

We, here at Mark Ettinger, understand the increasingly rising value of micro-influencers and use this experience-based knowledge to properly incorporate them into our campaigns. With a lower, but very active following, micro-influencers develop in a specific niche and provide amazing conversion rates. Effectiveness on a lower budget sounds pretty neat, right? Our team precisely identifies the ones suitable for our clients and delivers accordingly.

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